Indian fans disappointed with IPL going out of India

March 22nd, 2009 - 6:24 pm ICT by IANS  

New Delhi, March 22 (IANS) Last summer, Sourav Dey, a software engineer working in Delhi took leave in April especially to be with his family and friends and be a part of the maddening crowd cheering the Kolkata Knight Riders on their home turf.
This time however it’s a different story.

Like several other Twenty20 Indian Premier League (IPL) fans, Dey said that he couldn’t be more disappointed with the sudden announcement that the matches will now be held outside the country.

“I am very disappointed. After last year’s adrenaline pumping experience of watching the Twenty20 matches and cheering the Kolkata Knight Riders in the Eden gardens with all my friends, this year I was hoping for the same.

“Today’s decision however has come as a shocker. In all my excitement, I had even applied for my leave at work! Now of course it will be a different story,” Dey told IANS.

Dev Sharma, another disappointed fan, said: “Watching the Delhi Daredevils play in Essex or Manchester will not carry the same emotion as watching them play at the Ferozeshah Kotla stadium”.

The Board of Control for Cricket India (BCCI) announced Sunday that the Twenty20 IPL will be played outside the country because state governments have expressed their inability to provide security to the tournament as it clashes with the general elections.

Even for those planning to watch the matches on TV, the decision is disappointing.

Rasika Jain, a student in her final year in college, said that since her mother was very particular that she does well in her exams and did not let her watch much TV, she had to sneak out in order to watch the IPL matches at her friend’s place.

“My university exams were on and while I sat studying my whole family used to watch all the matches on TV. Desperate to catch some of the fun, I used to sneak out to my friend’s place to catch some of the matches!” Jain said.

“However this time I don’t think the same excitement will prevail. With all the matches happening here, the reaction of the Indian crowd gives a different flavour all together. And that I am sure will be missing this time,” she added.

For a lot of fans who missed watching the live action last year and were planning to catch it this time, the decision has come as a big disappointment.

Arun Sharma, a self proclaimed “cricket crazy fan”, said: “Last year I had to do with watching the Twenty20 IPL matches on TV because I was appearing for my class 12 board exams. Then I had decided that come what may this time I will definitely watch the live action - after all nothing compares to watching a match live amid a cheering crowd!

“But I guess it was just not meant to be. I fail to understand how incompetent can our government be that they can’t ensure the security of just a handful of players! It’s a shame,” he said.

Shakshi Misra, another IPL fan, went on to ask: “Why keep calling it the Indian Premier League now that it will not be held in India? And the worse thing is that politicians are now making it a poll issue! Let the game be, please!”.

But there are still others who don’t seem too affected by the decision.

“I watched some of the matches on TV last year and this year too I will do the same. So what difference does it make where is it held? Everyone’s screaming now but later each one of them will watch the match and enjoy it just the same,” said David Joseph, a banker.

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