Gym leaving you feeling flat? Try some Gravity Defying Fitness

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Gym leaving you feeling flat? Try some Gravity Defying Fitness

London, May 1 (ANI): Bored of working out on the ground? Well, then may be its time for you to try out some mid-air exercise.

Ex-trapeze artist Lorelei MacDonald has developed a new fitness craze, which involves toning up the body while you hang from the ceiling on a rope.

Gravity Defying Fitness (GDF) takes aspects of a persons usual workout.

Trapeze is great for your reflexes, muscle control, flexibility, balance and strength,” The Sun quoted Lorelei, as saying.

“So I teach people everything I learned in the circus, with some little tweaks - making it the perfect workout for the average person to be fit and strong.

“I also work with fitness trainers who specialise in track and field work, so the workout is based on interval training - which means you are constantly moving.

“But 99 per cent of the class is based on circus skills from hoops and silks to ropes and swings.”

“We start on the ground with a warm-up and stretching and then focus on core work as this is where all your strength comes from.”

“The first thing you do in the air is just hanging, holding your own weight on the rope.

“Then we add in full-body exercise moves that get gradually more complex.

“An hour of Gravity Defying Fitness can burn up to 600 calories, MacDonald added.

The 42-year-old also revealed why is aerial fitness better than working out on the ground.

“Learning new skills gives you a real sense of achievement. When you climb the rope for the first time you get a buzz that you don’t get if you go to aerobics.

“At school we were all taught to climb the rope, but never shown the real technique so a lot of people didn’t enjoy it.

“I teach people new tricks that you couldn’t learn anywhere else.

“You train your mind as well as your body and strive to reach new goals.

“So the focus is about what you can achieve, rather than just improving your body.

“All exercise is good for you but nothing is as effective as this for co-ordination and definition - the two things we lose as we get older.

“I’m a 42-year-old woman with a six-pack - so it must be working!

“In the more advanced class, my students take on the upside down position - so gravity hits you the other way - which is always a bonus!”

MacDonald said: “Classes are around 50 pounds, which isn’t cheap and at the moment they only run in New York gyms.

“I plan to come to London in the near future.

“All I need is to find a location with a beam to hang the equipment from and a high ceiling,” MacDonald added. (ANI)

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