Female fans angry while male fans envy Tiger Woods’ infidelity’

December 14th, 2009 - 2:27 pm ICT by ANI  

Tiger Woods Melbourne, Dec 14 (ANI): While the female fans of Tiger Woods are angry with the golfer over his alleged steamy affairs, male fans say they won’t mind swapping places with the sportsperson.

The 34 year-old golfer’s controversial saga appears to have triggered a gender divide among many readers.

Some of the female fans have even scorned the growing tally of women who carried on affairs with him knowing he was married with a family, reports Punch.com.au

Anjuli of Perth said on Perth Now: “If there is such a being as a perfect man, his image is very tarnished now and he is going to find it very hard to go out into the public arena. I have no pity for him. Good on his wife. More power to women.”

Another fan Joni wrote on Yahoo7 that she’s glad that sponsors are dropping him.

“Serves him right. I don’t understand why he got married if he wanted to fool around with those women. Anyway I don’t see what they see in him … But I suppose money does it. I am glad the sponsors are dropping him. I feel sorry for his wife.”

Cindy was equally incensed, broadening her attack in a post to The Daily Telegraph: “Why do married men and single girls have to be such pigs?”

On the other hand many males have heralded Tiger as a legend and some secretly wish they had his luck with the ladies.

Les Smith of Melbourne confessed his admiration for the billionaire sports star on the Herald Sun site.

“Most of his fans are men and they will hail him as a hero but will just not admit it to the wives. He is doing what most men only dream of - plenty of bimbos hanging on the arm, fast cars and a low handy cap. What better could you wish for in life,” he said.

Liar Liar of Melbourne said “I haven’t heard one negative comment between blokes over the Tiger Woods saga. If you took a straw poll of the average man out there, 90 per cent would swap with him tomorrow. The other 10 per cent are liars!”

Mick of Morningside said, “Elin is a very smug-looking young woman, and I bet she detests golf like all wives. No wonder Tiger strayed.”

However, Woods’ public admission of infidelity and decision to put his golfing career indefinitely on hold in order to heal his relationship with wife Elin did little to change online readers’ opinions.

Cassie of Brisbane wrote to The Courier-Mail: “Elin needs to take the kids and go. She is young and has a life ahead of her. Tiger will never change and life would be just one heartache. Get a big payout, get out, get settled in Norway. Let Tiger see his kids over there.” (ANI)

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