Disabled branded ‘unsocial, stubborn by Beijing Olympics guide

May 26th, 2008 - 10:54 pm ICT by admin  

Melbourne, May 26 (ANI): Disabled people can be unsocial, stubborn, controlling, defensive and have a strong sense of inferiority, according to an official Beijing Olympics guide set to spark outrage in the disabled community.

The Olympic guide, obtained by AAP, for volunteers in Beijing is filled with patronising comments.

In the guide, Olympics and Paralympics volunteers have been instructed not to call Paralympians or disabled spectators crippled or lame, even if they are just joking.

The 2008 volunteer guide said that the optically disabled seldom show strong emotions.

“Physically disabled people are often mentally healthy,” The Daily Telegraph quoted the guide, as stating.

“They show no differences in sensation, reaction, memorisation and thinking mechanism from other people, but they might have unusual personalities because of disfigurement and disability.

“For example, some physically disabled are isolated, unsocial, and introspective; they usually do not volunteer to contact people.

“They can be stubborn and controlling; they may be sensitive and struggle with trust issues.

“Sometimes they are overly protective of themselves, especially when they are called crippled or paralysed,” the guide added.

Volunteers have also been told never to stare at their disfigurement.

“A patronising or condescending attitude will be easily sensed by them, even for a brain damaged patient, the guide stated.

“Like most, he can read your body language. Show respect when you talk with them. Do not use cripple or lame, even if you are just joking.

“Though life has handed many difficulties to them, disabled people are often independent and self-reliant.

“Volunteers should offer assistance on a basis of equality and mutual respect…

“Disabled people can be defensive and have a strong sense of inferiority,” the guide added.

Volunteers at the Beijing Games have also given some very specific instructions on how to sit, stand, walk and talk properly.

The Olympics run from August 8-24, while the Paralympics follow from September 6-17. (ANI)

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