Derek Fisher Thrown Out for Foul

May 8th, 2009 - 2:32 am ICT by GD  

Fisher’s foul was categorized as a flagrant foul 2 which is an unnecessary and extreme contact. This usually involves a moving motion, rough contact, and a follow through.

Fisher seemed to be body checking Scola when the latter had come for setting a a back pick. The impact of the two colliding sent Scola to the floor. Fisher too cut his head. It would seem from the recordings of the game that Fisher was trying to hit Scola before the latter could hit him.

Fouls falling to the Flagrant category are always reviewed strictly by the league and Fisher may be punished further. However, Scola himself doesnt really seem to believe that Fisher had any ill intent. At least Scola is saying so in public whatever his real feelings may be: “It’s part of the game… It happens. There are going to be hard fouls, there are going to be people playing hard… It’s not up to me to comment on (whether he should be suspended).

There’s people who get paid to do that.” Fisher himself has defended his actions saying that “I understand the officials were trying to get the game under control at that point… (however) My intent was to run through the pick hard. He was further away from me than I thought, so my arm was up high when I hit him.”

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