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Mumbai, May 9 (ANI/ Business Wire India): Many companies look to replace a workstation after just a few years due to decreased speed. Unable to determine the cause of the inevitable performance degradation associated with older computers they spend unnecessary funds on new computers. However, instead of replacing such workstations, all one needs to do is defrag.
When brand new, workstations are the envy of any corporate office. They help increase employee production and company viability. However, sooner than expected, these relatively new workstations begin showing signs of unbearable slowdown. It is determined that based on the average workstation lifespan, they should be replaced. Shortly thereafter, this scenario repeats… adding an increased dent to your corporate budget.
Of course, this is a common misconception that occurs daily in corporate America. With strict corporate security policies to keep viruses and such at bay, we are convinced that our workstations will generally be able to maintain an ideal and consistent performance level. Unfortunately, we soon discover that this simply isn’t the case. Eventually, employees begin to feel the effects of a mysterious illness plaguing their hard drive, wreaking havoc on files and performance. This illness is commonly referred to as fragmentation.
Fragmentation is the dismantling of files into numerous pieces and scattered across hard drives. This causes increasingly poor file performance because it forces a workstation to check countless locations on its hard drive for pieces of the file a user is trying to access.
It has been proven that fragmentation occurs on all workstations, regardless of usage. In fact, Diskeeper Corporation ( ), developers of Diskeeper(R) 2008 defragmentation software, recently conducted a two-week experiment using Microsoft(R) Internet Explorer and Microsoft Word. The test was performed on an ordinary workstation with zero excess file fragments.
The results showed that without defrag software, over 4,500 file fragments were generated in that two-week period. We can easily see how quickly file fragments accumulate and affect overall system performance. Further details regarding this experiment, Myths of Fragmentation feature at Diskeeper’s Website.
Enforcing effective security policies on corporate workstations is definitely a good practice in protection, but these great tools for processing information still can and will experience performance slowdowns despite regulations in place. Defragmentation software is the only automatic solution to tackle this increasingly critical issue and boost system performance (ANI)

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