14-year-old CEOs card game makes chemistry a good fun

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Washington, April 9 (ANI): At 14, he is a precocious child who leads a company as its CEO.

And his introduction does not end there, for he has started his business with a game that can make it a good fun for students to study chemistry.

Well, Anshul Samar has revealed that Elementeo is the first product of his company Alchemist Empire Inc.

I have always wanted to show the world that the youth can start a business and have fun at the same time, says Samar.

Elementeo casts two players against each other in card-based fantasy combat. It is based on a 121-card deck of chemical elements, compounds and catalysts.

Each card has an explanation of the element or compounds uses and chemical propertiesthe Oxygen card can rust neighbouring metal cards and the Copper Conductor card can shock any metals.

The oxidation state of an element is used as its attack power, and its physical state determines its movement on the board.

The goal of the game is to reduce the opponents electrons to zero through strategic use of each cards chemical properties.

Our aim is to combine fun, excitement, education, and chemistry, all in one grand concoction. We don’t want to create a fantasy wizard world or create a boring education textbook world, but combine the two where fun and learning come together without clashing! says Samar.

He has already stolen the show at the entrepreneur conference TiECON in mid-2007 on the back of Elementeo, and now he hopes to secure a funding of about 500,000 dollars for beginning the mass production of the game.

You are not a geek or a nerd if you like chemistry. If people do end up calling you a geek because you love chemistry, don’t worry, those people are going to end up working for you at the end! says Samar.

He will make a presentation on his inventive card game at the 235th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in New Orleans. (ANI)

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