War with India may prove disastrous for Pakistan

December 25th, 2008 - 4:03 pm ICT by ANI  

Islamabad, Dec.25 (ANI): With the tension between India and Pakistan increasing daily a month after the Mumbai carnage, thanks to a war of words from both sides, if a full fledged military combat between the two neighbouring countries does take place, it will bring in more problems for Pakistan according to a leading Pakistan daily.
According to an analysis in The Dawn, efforts to establish stable and sustainable civilian rule in the country will receive a set back in the case of war. Demands of separate state in the country may also gain momentum.
Similarly, Afghans could revive calls for a greater Pakhtunistan. Such developments in Baluchistan and the Pashtun-dominated northwest would revive deep-seated Pakistani fears of the break-up of their country.
The internal security of Pakistan will also be hit badly, it says.
The Pak army will pull troops off the western border with Afghanistan, where they have been battling militants, and deploy them on the eastern border with India, which will hamper the US-led war on terror in the region.
Public sympathy and support for militant groups would soar as they would be seen as national defenders against the real enemy, India, the analysis says, claiming that it would be an alarming situation for Pakistan, which is trying to build up a public opinion against the deep rooted militancy in the country.
The economy of Pakistan which is on the verge of collapse would suffer a great deal, in the eventuality of war with India.
The economy which was rescued from the brink by a 7.6 billion dollar International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan would dive back into the corner of uncertainty as the slowdown would continue. Hopes of attracting much-needed foreign investment which is required to bridge the current account deficit would also be dashed.
In case of a war the Indian navy would try to block Pakistans main port at Karachi to choke off imports including fuel, though which would also disrupt supplies bound for U.S. forces in Afghanistan, the report concluded.(ANI)

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