US would also have built a N-bomb if it were in Pakistans position

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Washington, Dec 26 (ANI): Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has said the US would also have built a nuclear bomb if it were in Pakistans position after Indias first nuclear test in 1974.
Kissinger made these remarks while chairing a State Department meeting on July 9, 1976 to discuss former prime minister Zulfikar Ali Bhuttos efforts to buy a nuclear reprocessing plant from France.
The details of this meeting were released recently along with other secret documents of that period.
“What Zulfikar Ali Bhutto wants is to build a bomb,” then under secretary of state Philip Habib said talking about Bhuttos intentions for acquiring a reprocessing plant.
“If you were in his place you would do the same thing,” Kissinger responded. “I must say I have some sympathy for Bhutto in this,” he added.
Kissinger said that the US was doing nothing to help Pakistan to strengthen its conventional defence; and added that the US is going ahead and selling nuclear fuel to India.
According to the documents, the meeting also discussed a joint proposal by the former Shah of Iran and Bhutto to build a multinational nuclear reactor in Pakistan to be run jointly by the two countries.
The proposal, however, was never implemented as Americans felt that this would enable both Iran and Pakistan to acquire nuclear technology.
“Gentlemen, there are few countries in the world which by necessity or choice are still allies of ours. There is something indecent about our always proving that we are strong by kicking our allies in the teeth,” Kissinger observed.
He further said that the Pakistanis dont even have the appearance of a credible defence.
“What they have asked for from us is piddling compared to what the Indians have. I dont think it adds to the stature of the US to force an ally to be defenceless,” he added.
Commenting on the balance of power between India and Pakistan, Kissinger observed: “An imbalance is being created in which Pakistan is totally dependent on India.”
The Dawn quoted Kissinger as saying that there is no question that we can break Pakistans back because they have made the mistake of allying themselves with us. (ANI)

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