US envoy proposes a plan to resolve the Kashmir issue

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Pervez Musharraf
Washington , Feb 26 (ANI): In an effort to resolve the Kashmir issue between India and Pakistan a former American diplomat, Wendy Chamberlin, has proposed the appointment of a US envoy.

Wendy Chamberlin served as ambassador to Pakistan during 2001-02.

We should appoint a high-ranking envoy to negotiate with the two parties on a resolution in Kashmir, She also asked the President George Bush administration to call for restoration of the Supreme Court judges who were disposed last year as that would show that we really do believe in the rule of laws, The Nation quoted Chamberlin, as saying.

That was the Supreme Court that was being more aggressive in the protection of the people, she said. And if we want to send a positive message to the Pakistani people that we support them that would be a very clear way to do this.

Chamberlin added that if the Kashmir issue is resolved then extremism could also be curbed down. This will ultimately lead to peace in South Asia .

I think were in a new era. I think that this has been a watershed election, and I dont think that we should be tied to what happened in the past. We ought to see what ought to be in the future, and thats what we ought to target.

While talking about strengthening the US counter-terrorism cooperation with Pakistan , she emphasised that the US should see that road to peace in Pakistan leads through New Delhi .

Chamberlin, who now heads a Washington think tank, said it was this dispute only which had brought the two countries on the verge of a nuclear war. She said this issue is also coming in the way of restoration of peaceful relationship between Pakistan-India.

The former Assistant Secretary of State for South Asia, Karl Inderfurth also appreciated President Pervez Musharraf for establishing a relationship and a dialogue with India which had led to some progress on the long-standing dispute.

Ever since their close to confrontation in 2001 and 2002, they have done thing - Musharraf and Manmohan Singh - to place Pakistan- India relations on a path toward normalizing this relationship. He was optimistic that if the leaders of two large Pakistani parties, PPPP and PML-N follow a peace approach, we can see some real progress on Pakistan-Indian relations, including on Kashmir , which they both recognize must be resolved, Inderfurth said.

Another former State Department official Dennis Kux said, For the stability of Pakistan and so that it can focus on dealing with its many domestic problems, it would be very helpful if the frontier problems with India and Afghanistan were resolved. In the case of India , this concerns the Kashmir dispute, and I hope that Islamabad and Delhi can continue to make progress toward a resolution of this long-standing dispute. In the case of Afghanistan , Pakistan already accepts the Durand Line as the frontier. It is in the interest of Afghanistan that it also accepts this border. (ANI)

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