Talibans jihad proclamations represent their freedom of opinion: ISI Chief

January 7th, 2009 - 1:21 pm ICT by ANI  

Mullah Omar

Islamabad, Jan 7 (ANI): Pakistan Inter-Services Intelligence chief Lieutenant-General Ahmed Shujaa Pasha, who too is unwilling to apprehend the Taliban leadership after many claimed that Mullah Omar is in Quetta, has said that if the Taliban thinks that jihad is an obligation it is their freedom of opinion.

Shouldnt they be allowed to think and say what they please? They believe that jihad is their obligation. Isnt that freedom of opinion? he asked German magazie Spiegels reporter Susanne Koelbl.

Asked about his control over ISI and its many officers, who grew up with rising religious fundamentalism and the concept of India as an enemy, and see the war against terrorism as the Americans war, not theirs, he said many may think in a different direction.

Many may think in a different direction, and everyone is allowed to think differently, but no one can dare to disobey a command or even do something that was not ordered, The Nation quoted the ISI chief, as saying.

Talking about his meeting with senior US military commanders on the US aircraft-carrier Abraham Lincoln, he said that attack by American drones in Pakistan tribal areas was never discussed nor Pakistan agrees to such attacks.

We never discussed that, nor did we agree to it, he explained, shaking his head.

But to be honest, what can we do against the drone attacks? Should we fight the Americans or attack an Afghan post, because thats where the drones are coming from? Can we win this? Does it benefit Pakistan? Lt. General Pasha asked.

Responding to a question, Lt. General Pasha said that he wants to re-establish credibility for his agency.

It is completely clear to the Army Chief and I that this government must succeed. Otherwise we will have a lot of problems in this country, he said.

The result would be problems in the west and the east, political destabilisation and trouble with America, he continued.

Anyone who does not support this democratic government today simply does not understand the current situation. Lt. General Pasha added: I report regularly to the president and take orders from him. (ANI)

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