Spooky antics caught on video!

August 7th, 2008 - 6:16 pm ICT by ANI  

London, Aug 7 (ANI): The spooky antics of what is believed to be a ”ghostly power”, troubling a young family in Britain has been caught on video.
The family was living under constant fear following a ghostly presence in their house.
The spooky antics caught on video shows a bottle of water mysteriously tipping to the side. The astonishing shots of the assault show wounds gradually materialising from nowhere as the horrified victim displayed his reddened back to the camera.
The petrified family, from Newcastle was forced to call ghostbusters, Mike Hallowell, 51, and Darren Ritson, 36 and deal with the poltergeist.
“When I arrived, the house and its inhabitants were in turmoil,” The Sun quoted Hallowell, as saying.
“Upstairs a toy car flew across the room and hit Marc on the back.
“There was a hammock with lots of little toy bells on it, which were jingling on their own.
“Then Marc said he felt a burning sensation and lifted up his shirt. His back was glowing red and long, thin scratches were slowly appearing.
“I took out my camera, which also has a video facility, and began filming.
“You can see long, red welts materialising and some cuts oozing blood. I was horrified of course, and the family were severely traumatised.
“The family’’s cat and dog were acting very strangely and seemed edgy,” he added
Talking about the tilting bottle Hallowell said “I had my head in a book, but glanced up to see my bottle of water tilting over.
“I poked and prodded it, but it was defying gravity and wouldn”t fall.
“When I came to my senses, I started filming again. It really is intriguing footage and very, very rare indeed.”
Darren and Mike, who assured the couple that the apparent poltergeist infestation would be over within weeks, were forced to take back their words.
“Most poltergeists visit for two to six weeks, and there was no reason to think this one would be any different. This was a premier league poltergeist and it didn”t want to stop playing tricks such as coin throwing, making objects move and the strange knocking noises,” said Darren.
“It was invisible, uncontrollable, and had a cruel desire to manipulate the residents” fear,” Darren added.
The invisible power is also sending texts on mobile phone.
“Usually the texts came from numbers which weren”t traceable,” said Darren.
The family has now got rid of the poltergeist.
On the advice of the poltergeist expert and respected Sunderland University lecturer, Stephen Swales, they began turning off electrical appliances at night, which seemed to cut the energy the poltergeist was feeding on.
According to Mike reducing stress also plays a huge part in controlling them.
“That’’s what happened in this case and thankfully for Marc and his family, it hasn”t come back,” he added. (ANI)

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