“Shocking, unjustified anti-Americanism” not a solution to Pak’s problems: Clinton

February 19th, 2011 - 12:33 pm ICT by ANI  

Taliban Washington, Feb 19(ANI): US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has warned that Pakistan faces a major instability and extremism threat at home if it does not implement economic reforms and curb the fomentation of anti-American sentiments in the country.

“Pakistanis are tired of terror and turmoil. Afghans have suffered through three decades of war. But the leaders of both nations, in and out of government, have not done enough to chart a different course,” Clinton said at the Launch of the Asia Society’s Series of Richard C. Holbrooke Memorial Addresses.

She pointed out that Pakistan’s public finances remain in disarray despite steps taken by the government over the past two years, adding, “Energy shortages are hampering economic growth, and causing political and social instability.”

“Routine suicide bombings- including last week’s tragic murders of 31 innocents by a so-called “school boy” suicide bomber- underscore the continued threat of violent extremism. And shocking, unjustified anti-Americanism will not resolve these problems,” she emphasised, referring to the popular sentiment in Pakistan against the US.

Clinton stated that America “stands ready to assist Pakistan’s leaders in addressing these challenges. They have already enacted some reforms aimed at stabilizing the economy.”

“The test will be in how they are implemented, supported and expanded. Pakistan’s leaders still have a lot to do to reduce corruption, to rebuild from last summer’s floods, and to keep making progress in eliminating extremists and their sanctuaries,” she added.

The US Secretary of State said that leaders in both nations- Pakistan and Afghanistan- would have to decide what kind of future they wanted for the next generation to inherit.

“What that future looks like will depend, to no small degree, on the success of the political and diplomatic process I have described today. So long as leaders in Kabul and Islamabad eye each other with distrust, so long as the Taliban have safe havens from which to wage war, so long as al-Qaida operates anywhere in the region, the prospects for progress are slim,” Clinton concluded. (ANI)

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