Remorseless American ‘jihadis’ want death penalty for failing to achieve ’shahadat’

December 22nd, 2009 - 5:09 pm ICT by ANI  

Lahore, Dec.22 (ANI) : The five American origin ‘jihadis’, who were arrested earlier this month from Sargodha, Punjab, have no remorse for planning terror attacks which would have killed scores of innocent civilians.

“We have no remorse for what we were planning. Rather we have regrets that we could not embrace shahadat (martyrdom) for our cause to (wage) jihad against the US,” Sargodha District Police Officer Dr Usman Anwar quoted the suspected terrorists, as saying.

Waqar Husain Khan, 22 (Virginia), Ahmed Abdullah Mani, 20 (Virginia), Ramay S Zamzam, 22 (Egypt), Iman Hasan Yamar, 17 (California), and Omar Farouk, 24 (Virginia) were arrested from Sargodha on December 9.

Zamzam has demanded the authorities to hang them, as they have failed complete their mission.

“Since our failure to embrace shahadat we want this other way - hang us,” The Dawn quoted Anwar, as saying.

“The others are also insisting on this,” he added and said that the arrested suspects have been provided English translation of the Holy Quran on their request.

“The five US students hold the US responsible for all miseries of the Muslim world. They hate the US policies in Muslim world, especially in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine,” Anwar said further.

He said that the men were so desperate to wage holy war (against the US) that when militant organisations such as Jamaat-ud-Dawa and Jaish-e-Muhammad refused them to take them in their folds, they formed their own group. (ANI)

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