Raufs escape, a case of criminal collusion, not negligence

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Rawalpindi, Dec 20 (ANI): An inquiry into the disappearance of the UK terror suspect, Rashid Rauf, has disputed claims of Islamabad police that Rauf escaped while he was being taken to the Adiala jail. The mysterious disappearance story is now being described as totally concocted.
“The escape was made good in the vicinity of F-8 Markaz, the district courts, Islamabad, and right after the hearing. And, it is not a case of negligence, but a case of criminal collusion with the accused and facilitating him to escape,” the report said.
Rauf has been described as a key suspect in an alleged plot to blow up transatlantic jetliners.
The report contains a letter described as most urgent written by the superintendent of the Adiala Jail to the Superintendent of Police, Islamabad, dated December 10.
The jail superintendent had requested the SSP to provide necessary police guards for taking Rauf to the inquiry magistrate on December 15. But the request, made on the eve of Raufs production, was ignored.
The report contains statements of two constables, Mohammad Tufail and Nawabzada, saying that they had transported Rauf from the Adiala Jail to Islamabad on three previous hearings.
On December 15, ASI Raza and two constables went to the Adiala Jail for transporting some accused in a murder case. While on way to the jail, constable Nawabzada rang up the Moharrir of the Police Lines in Islamabad to seek permission for bringing Rauf to the court.
The report said it was amazing that no other person was deputed that day for Rauf, and therefore, constable Nawabzada picked up the prisoner from the Adiala Jail.
The report further pointed that while handing over the prisoner, the jail authorities got a paper signed asking for extra security arrangements, as the prisoner was a desperate and dangerous criminal.
“The accused is a dangerous person and involved in international activities. Therefore, he needed strict security. If any mishap happened with him while going to Islamabad, the in-charge police will be responsible,” it said.
The report said Nawabzada and Tufail took Rauf and other prisoners in a Bara Kahu police station van to the court.
After the hearing, both constables escorted Rauf out of the court, and instead of a police van, they put him in a private car, brought by Raufs uncle and drove back to Adiala.
They removed Raufs handcuff at his request and stopped at a restaurant.
Later, Rauf requested the constable to allow him to offer prayers in a mosque, from where he escaped.
The constable along with Raufs uncle started looking for him and later, the uncle dropped the two constables at the Margalla Police Station and disappeared.
A source close to the investigation revealed that the SSP contacted Raufs uncle on his cellphone and was told that Rauf had escaped from F-8 Markaz.
It is learnt that during previous hearings, the two constables, while on way to Adiala, had illegally taken Rauf to his uncles home.
The inquiry report has concluded that the entire Headquarters Establishment of the ICT Police is responsible for not taking appropriate security measures.
The telephone call record of the two constables suggested that Nawabzada and Tufail talked to each other at least three times after Rauf went missing, the Dawn quoted the sources, as saying.
Meanwhile, former premier Benazir Bhutto has raised questions about the escape of Rauf from police custody. (ANI)

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