Present rulers are real problem of Pakistan: JeI chief

January 16th, 2009 - 3:05 pm ICT by ANI  

Benazir Bhutto

Lahore, Jan 16 (ANI): Jamat-e-Islami chief Qazi Hussain Ahmed has said that the real problem of Pakistan is present rulers and the nation needs leadership that represents aspirations of people.

Speaking on the issue of How Can Basic Problems of People of Pakistan be solved, Qazi said that ceasing cooperation with the US in the so-called war on terror, ending military operation in tribal areas, provision of justice and relief to the poor was necessary to put the country on right path.

He said that the country was on the brink of disaster due to Musharrafs mistake of becoming ally of the US in war on terror.

The Nation quoted Qazi as saying that not terrorists, but innocent people including women and children were losing lives in the ongoing war on terror.

He said that the rulers have brought the US war to Pakistan while the ongoing military action was causing resentment among the people.

He said that the rulers should understand that waging war against own citizens was more difficult than fighting against the US, adding that the US was supporting India with the purpose to tighten screws on Pakistan.

Qazi said that the India has the history of maligning Pakistan for getting benefits in elections.

Qazi Hussain Ahmed said Charter of Democracy was the real will of Benazir Bhutto which the PPP government had yet to implement.
He said that no one could authenticate will of Benazir Bhutto, which was presented by Asif Zardari. (ANI)

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