Playboy Paras snubbed in Singapore disco

August 5th, 2008 - 1:13 pm ICT by IANS  

By Sudeshna Sarkar
Kathmandu, Aug 5 (IANS) Once known for firing his gun and picking up fights in night clubs with impunity, Nepal’s former crown prince Paras has now fallen on harder times with a discotheque in the strict island nation of Singapore refusing him admission. A Nepali website has posted photographs of the former playboy prince, who left home last month to seek greener pastures in Singapore, and alleged that the headstrong 37-year-old has not changed despite the abolition of monarchy in Nepal and the royals becoming ordinary citizens overnight. said it had been sent the photographs as well as details about Paras’ new tantrums by a Nepali residing in Singapore.

According to the report, last month Paras went to a disco wearing sneakers, jeans and a T-shirt. He was also sporting a pony tail and dark glasses.

However, the man who could get away with murder in Nepal, was refused admission by the gatekeeper.

Swallowing the snub, the quick-tempered former prince left the disco only to return wearing a suit.

He was allowed to go inside this time but decided to leave after a couple of drinks, the report said.

At the car park, Paras, unused to not having the right of way any longer, picked up a fight with a fellow motorist. As luck would have it, he was noticed by a Nepali who began taking photographs of the quarrelling former crown prince.

Realising that he was being photographed, Paras got inside his car and left in a hurry, the report said.

Stripped of all privileges, the former royals were trying hard to drown their sorrow by acquiring all the luxury money could buy.

Paras had bought a flashy Lamborghini, said to cost over $1 million, the report said.

The news had an unexpected sequel.

Someone sent an SMS to the web site from Singapore, defending Paras.

It is speculated that the sender was the former crown prince himself since he signed himself as “Yubaraj”, which means crown prince in Nepal.

“Hello my sansar, my name is yubraj,” said the long SMS. “Just want to high light (sic) that a few days ago you have written regarding our prince Paras which is really unbelievable. Now he has changed a lot. So please do not write anything which killed his dignity (sic).

“Don’t write unnecessary thing (sic) regarding him. Hope u understand. Thanks buddy.”

To prove the authenticity of the SMS, the sender also sent photographs of Paras, showing him posing in an underground Metro station in front of a litter bin, along with three more men, all of them Nepalis.

The report and message have been attracting comments galore from readers.

While some said Paras would never change, others said now that he had become a commoner, he should be allowed to lead the kind of life he wanted.

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