Pakistan’s Indus Valley Civilization still remains shrouded in mystery

July 26th, 2010 - 6:05 pm ICT by ANI  

Washington, July 26 (ANI): Pakistan’s Indus Valley Civilization still remains a mystery.

The Indus Valley Civilization stretched more than 680,000 square kilometers, from western India to northern Afghanistan.

Even after having some of the earliest writings, several factors have helped in still keeping its ancient people a mystery.

The ancient cities of Harappa and Moenjodaro were the two largest centers of the Indus civilization.

Much is still unknown about the Indus people’s communication, religion and political organization.

Fahrat Gul, head of UNESCO’s head of culture for Pakistan, says the area is remote and that has hindered work there.

“It’s rather inaccessible. Even we don’t have daily flights to Moenjodaro,” Voice of America quoted Gul as saying.

“You have to come either via Karrachi or via Sakkur. And then the airport in itself is not a proper airport, a very very small one,” she added.

According to archaeologists, the most impressive thing about the civilization was their city planning. They had wells and drainage systems.

They had streets made at right angles. Even the bricks used in Harappa were the same size and weight as the ones used hundreds of kilometers away in Moenjodaro.

The security situation in Pakistan has also prevented archeologists and preservationists from visiting the sites.

“It has restricted our mobility,” said Gul.

“Especially our monitoring missions have been restricted. We cannot go to these places to monitor the progress of our projects, which does have an effect,” she added.

Gul said that Moenjodaro receives UNESCO funding because it is a World Heritage site.

But its sister city Harappa, which is not yet on the list, is in need of help, which UNESCO cannot afford. (ANI)

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