Pakistan, a bigger threat to US and world than Afghanistan: US diplomat

March 5th, 2009 - 3:22 pm ICT by ANI  


Kabul, Mar.5 (ANI): Nuclear powered Pakistan posses a greater threat to the world and a bigger challenge to the United States than Afghanistan, a top US diplomat has said.
Deputy Chief of Mission in Kabul, Christopher Dell, has warned that Pakistan is a bigger threat to world peace because of the fact that it is a nuclear armed country, and the current political instability has made matters worse.
“It is certainly one of those nuclear armed countries the instability of which is a bigger problem for the globe, The Guardian quoted Dell, as saying.
Pakistan is a bigger place, has a larger population, its nuclear-armed. It has certainly made radical Islam a part of its political life, and it now seems to be a deeply ingrained element of its political culture. It makes things there very hard, Dell added.
Dell expressed fears that the in the coming days the region may witness more attacks on the allied forces after the Pakistani Taliban groups formed a common front to attack NATO in Afghanistan.
He said that the War on Terror will be on a decisive mode this year after the Obama administrations decision to send in 17,000 more troops in Afghanistan.
Commenting on the Swat peace deal, Dell said the accord may not yield desired results, as previous such pacts have fallen apart.
“Every time the Pakistanis have signed a peace deal, two things happen,” he said, adding “There is an uptick in the fighting on this (the Afghan) side, and the peace deals have fallen apart quickly. We think we”ve already seen an increase of fighters crossing the border.”
Dell said that Pakistans Federally-Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) is the breeding ground of terrorists groups.
He added that the problem of Pakistan can not solved easily, and only military action is certainly not the answer to the issue.
“There are no easy solutions in Pakistan. There is no silver bullet out there that we”re going to discover one day that will make the problem go away. I think for all those reasons it’’s a deep challenge, and probably harder than Afghanistan, he said. (ANI)

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