Now, its possible to create a persons mobile holograms

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London, May 27 (ANI): Business executives will soon be able to make presentations in distant countries through their virtual presence in the meeting halls, thanks to Australian telecommunications and media company Telstras new technology that can create a persons hologram.

Hugh Bradlow, the companys chief technology officer, revealed that their Musion Eyeliner System enabled them to beam his mobile three-dimensional image from Melbourne to Adelaide to give a live business presentation.

“In Melbourne, we have a high definition video camera which is filming me as I stand here,” the Daily Telegraph quoted Dr. Bradlow as telling journalists.

“That signal is being taped across the network and the far end is using a very smart optical projection system to create a holograph, or my virtual presence, in Adelaide,” he said.

Dr. Bradlow said that a big, flat panel screen enabled him to see who he was talking to in Adelaide, and thus facilitated the real time interaction.

“It has the look and feel of being in the same room together,” he said.

“You can envisage this in education, in entertainment, in news media as a holographic system, but the whole class of telepresence systems is going to be across all businesses,” he said.

David Thodey, Telstra’s group managing director for enterprise and government, added: “We’ve all seen this sort of thing in futuristic sci-fi movies, but the reality is that it can be done here and now, as we have just demonstrated, because of the scope and capability of Telstra’s world leading networks.”

He also said that the new technology may start entering business houses in four to five years, and eventually in homes.

“In the next few years, as your broadband speeds start to go faster, a step from there to a hologram is not very far,” Thodey said.

“I think it is at least four or five years away (for business) before that will be the case because the technology has to come down in price. This next generation network is changing the way we live and work,” he added. (ANI)

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