In Kumaon, God dispenses speedy justice

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Almora (Uttarakhand), April 29 (ANI): The agonizingly long delay in setting a decision in courts in India have made people from different parts of the country to visit Almoras Chittai temple and register their complaints before the God of Justice.
Devotees have to present their grievances or complaints on stamp paper or in typed form before the presiding deity Golju Devta just like one does in any court of law.
Everyone believes that the presiding deity Golju Devta, the God of Justice, takes note devotees grievances and blesses them.
Located on a ridge at the edge of the Kumaon Hills of Himalaya range, the Chittai Temple in Almora offers a distinct view to devotees reaching the temple on foot and presenting their grievances.
All complaints are attached to various ropes in the premises of the temple. Once anyone gets reprieve from the stated trouble in life, a bronze bell is dangled in gratitude as offering to the deity.
People from every nook and corner of the country come here seeking justice. People who fail to get justice from the courts hang their written complaints and they also get justice,” Nilay Pant, the priest.
People visiting the temple have deep faith in affect of their Golju Devta and they believe the deity would take care of the pending legal cases and even family discords would get solved.
“I have seen a number of devotees coming and hanging the stamp papers and writing about their wishes. In fact their whishes have been fulfilled. I have faith in Golju Devta and believe that my wishes will also get fulfilled. I have come here to put up my wishes in written form,” said Prakash Chandra Dalkatori, one devotee.
The entrance of the temple is flanked with bronze bells and letters.This unique ritual has been followed since ages and devotees stand in long queues under tremendous extreme weather conditions to enter the temple with their written complaints. (ANI)

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