I had a sexual relationship with Di: Paul Burrell

June 15th, 2008 - 1:41 pm ICT by ANI  

Princess Diana

London, June 15 (ANI): Disgraced royal butler Paul Burrell has boasted about having a kinky sexual relationship with Princess Diana.

The former butler is said to have bragged to his wifes brother Ron Cosgrove that he was on call for sex 24/7.

Burrell said Diana was so demanding. And he told me hed caught the Queen naked, News of the World quoted Ron, as saying.

Ron revealed how Diana’s trusted servant made the shocking revelation over a drink at the local pub.

“It was 1993 while Paul was working for the princess at Kensington Palace. He and Maria came home to Cheshire one weekend and on the Sunday lunchtime Paul specifically asked if he could talk to me in private, he said.

“He clearly had something on his mind so we went to the Peal of Bells in Holt for a few pints. Then during the conversation he suddenly tells me he’s been having a sexual relationship with Princess Diana.

“He said they did it in the bedroom, the bath, everywhere. He claimed Diana liked to be domineering.

“Paul told me that he’d get a call from Diana in the middle of the night specifically to have sex with her. He said she was very sexually demanding’a bit ****ing kinky’ were his wordsand if you worked for the princess you worked for her 24/7.

“I told him if it was true I was disgusted with him because he was married to my sister and cheating on her with another woman. But he didn’t see that as a problem. He just replied, Yes, but it IS the princess.’ I was dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe what he was telling me.

“He said, It’s something I’ve got to do.’ Like it was part of his duties.

“Incredibly Paul then boasted that he and Diana were in love with each other.

“His face was deadpan and he said it deadly serious. I said, You’re dreaming!’ I thought he was in a fantasy world. But he insisted it was the truth.

“It was clear he wanted to get all this off his chest for some reason. I’m not sure if it was just to be relieved of the secrecy or simply to brag about it. It was like he just had to tell somebody, he added.

Ron also revealed that after Dianas death the butler spirited three bin liners out of Kensington Palace and hid them in his mother-in-laws attic.

Ron said: “That man has shamed us and made a fool out of my sister Maria. The final straw came when he was caught on video admitting how he lied to Diana’s inquest. I hope I never see him again.” (ANI)

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