Hollywood documentary to help Obama win American West, White House

July 7th, 2008 - 1:06 pm ICT by ANI  

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New York , July 7 (ANI): Davis Guggenheim, the Oscar-winning director of former U.S. Vice President Al Gore’s landmark film on the devastation being caused by global warming and human carelessness “An Inconvenient Truth”, is working on a new film intended to boost the image of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

According to The Scotsman, Guggenheim and a large film crew were spotted in Butte , Montana , filming Obama during a campaign stop over theJuly 4holiday weekend.

His documentary is to tell the Obama story, his African and American heritage, and spell out how the Democrats believe they can win the American West.

Filming took place at the Freedom Fest Independence Day celebration. Additional scenes with Obama were shot in the Clark Chateau Museum , a mansion from the glory days of Butte , which was once a wealthy mining town.

For Obama, who has been criticized in the past for being unpatriotic and not wearing a flag pin, the trip to Butte with his wife, Michelle, their daughters, Malia and Sasha, and his sister and her family, has provided some relief. The whole family pointedly waved American flags for the cameras on this visit, to emphasize that they were as patriotic as any other American.

The film will premiere at the Democratic National Convention in Denver , Colorado , next month, and Democrat strategists hope it will “sell” Obama to the American people after wide concerns that a lot of voters don’t yet “get” the Democrat nominee.

The Scotsman quoted Mark Blumenthal, the editor of Pollster.com and a longtime Democratic commentator, as saying that: “There are still a lot of voters who don’t know about him, particularly those voters who make up their minds last. Obama needs to do something to fill out what people know about him and to get rid of the fear.”

The Obama camp, however, has chosen to downplay the film, repeatedly saying that the Democratic candidate was just doing a routine video shoot for the campaign’s media department.

Guggenheim too has cried off from revealing more until he consults with Obama campaign staff.

This is not the first time a candidate’s life and bid for the presidency has made it on to the screen. In 2000, Democrat congresswoman Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, Alexandra Pelosi, made Journeys With George, featuring behind the scenes footage of George Bush’s campaign.

Guggenheim, whose name is listed as having made a personal cash donation to the Obama campaign, is carrying on a family tradition. His famous father Charles Guggenheim won four Oscars, including one for his 1968 chronicle Robert Kennedy Remembered. Charles Guggenheim also acted as a media adviser to many Democratic political figures.

There’s no guarantee that the message of a sympathetic film will reach the public in large numbers, however. Despite the success of An Inconvenient Truth, political films rarely make big box office in the U.S. (ANI)

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