Hindus celebrate birth anniversary of lord Shani

June 3rd, 2008 - 11:48 pm ICT by ANI  

Jamnagar (Gujarat)/ New Delhi , June 3 (ANI): Devotees throng Hindu temples on Tuesday to celebrate the birth anniversary of Hindu deity ‘Shani’, considered a son of Hindu sun god.

Hordes of devotees made their offerings in temples of Shani in Gujarat and New Delhi .

The devotees considered themselves fortunate to have come and sought the blessings of the lord Shani, worshipping whom, a person can be relieved of all grieves and difficulties.

I am feeling very nice after coming here. It is the birthplace of lord Shani. Lot of devotees have come here from distant places to offer their prayers. Fire rituals will be performed here for six hours. And I consider myself fortunate enough to be present here,” said Niyati Lal, a devotee.

The priests in temples poured bottles of mustard oil on the deity as part of the traditional ritual. While the devotees offered black cloth to the deity as the god is always clothed in black attire.

Today is the birthday is of my lord and Shani amavasya is a significant medium to relieve oneself of all the grief and sadness and whoever prays on this day, gets rid of all the problems and pains in life, said Madan Maharaj Rajasthani, a priest.

According to the devotees faith in lord Shani has doubled in few years.

Earlier I had no faith in Lord Shani. But since the time it had started featuring in TV channels, my faith has increased and since then I have started worshipping him, said Maya Devi, Devotee.

Shani revered among Hindus is known in Hindu scriptures as the greatest trouble giver as well as the greatest well-wisher.

Lord Shani is depicted dark in colour as he is always clothed in black, holding a sword, arrows and two daggers and mounted on a black vulture or a raven. (ANI)

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