Final moments of Benazir rubbishes Pak Government’s claims

December 30th, 2007 - 6:01 pm ICT by admin  

A file-photo of Benazir Bhutto
Islamabad, Dec 30 (ANI): The final moments of Benazir Bhutto as narrated by her chief political adviser Safdar Abbassi, who was present in the same SUV when suicide bombers struck it, once again refutes the claims made by Pakistan government that the former premier was killed in the blast shockwave rather than by a bullet.
Abbassi told the British newspaper, Telegraph: “All of a sudden there was the sound of firing. I heard the sound of a bullet.”
“I saw her (Benazir). She looked as though she ducked in when she heard the firing. We did not realise that she had been hit by a bullet…Moments later, the car was rocked by a huge explosion,” he added.
Benazir, who remained silent, was oozing out blood from a deep wound on the left side of her neck. Naheeb Khan, Dr Abbassi’s wife, cradled Benazir’s head in her lap and pressed her own headscarf into the wound in a bid to stop the blood flow.
But the wound was deep and the blood seeped out, spreading down her neck and across her blue tunic, Abbassi recounted.
Two new set of photographs released by some private television news channels here substantiate Abbassi’s claims.
In one set of the new photographs taken from a mobile phone, one of the two assassins is seen clearly wearing a pair of dark sunglass and a light brown jacket aiming his gun at Bhutto when she was waving to the crowd from the SUV’s sunroof.
The suicide bomber is also seen in the picture, which has been taken from a different angle, showing him wearing a white gown where only his face is visible.
In another set of photographs taken from inside the SUV minutes after Bhutto was moved out to an ambulance, bloodstain is seen in the entire backseat of the SUV. A black sandal belonging to Bhutto is also seen lying near the seat.
Abbassi refuted the Government’s claim that Benazir hit the sunroof’s lever in the shockwave of the suicide blast.
She had been shot, he said. A day earlier, Benazir’s party spokesperson and a close friend, Sherry Rehman had also rubbished government’s claim.
“We saw the blood: the blood was everywhere, on her neck and on her clothes and we realised she was hit. She could not say anything,” Abbassi said, adding that she was alive when she was carried into the intensive care unit of the hospital, but her injuries were so severe that she stood no chance.
“The doctors really tried their best but it was too late,” Abbassi said, recounting that after she wrapped up the rally in the Liaquat Bagh area in Rawalipindi, she was extremely happy and asked him and his wife to join her.
She would never decide until the last minute which car to ride in; not even her head of security was party to the decision until she opened the car door. On the fateful Thursday, she chose the lead vehicle, the daily reported.
Just seconds before she was hit by the bullet, Benazir said “Jeay Bhutto [Long Live Bhutto,” Abbassi recounted. (ANI)

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