Chinese university students satisfying their emotional needs through Internet love

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New Delhi , Dec 30 (ANI): A new survey has found that Chinese university students regard “Internet love” as a means of satisfying their needs.

The survey, conducted by the Northeast China Normal University , found that about 90 percent of Chinese university students regard “Internet love” as an effective way to gratify their emotional needs.

The institute, which is based in Changchun in the northeast Jilin Province of China, carried out the survey by polling 4,811 students from 10 universities across the country.

Results showed that 18.4 percent of respondents owned up to having at least one Internet lover, reports the China Daily.

“Life is full of troubles. If there is someone on the Internet I can turn to, why not?” an anonymous student said.

“We have to face too many pressures when falling in love in the real world, but the inner-emotional needs can be better relieved through Internet relationships,” the student added.

The survey found that one out of five students thought on-line love was a good thing. More than half thought they might develop such a relationship when they were helpless, depressed or emotionally hurt.

In addition, 38 percent thought it was possible to develop a realistic relationship out of a virtual one.

“The Internet is becoming a much more popular medium for young people to express their feelings and satisfy their emotional needs,” said Sun Caiping, a Northeast China Normal University professor.

While more than half remained indifferent to the issue, only 11.6 percent showed a negative attitude toward it.

Their main reason was that Internet love didn’t reach a good ending and made people lose a sense of responsibility.

The survey found that boys were more likely to focus on appearance while most girls took talent, moral qualities and other characteristics into account.

The survey defined Internet love as an “emotionally-interdependent relationship two people develop through the medium of the Internet, including on-line relationships and real-life relationships that have evolved from virtual ones.”

“Many university students are experiencing Internet relationships with worries and questions. If the issue is not properly handled, it may have negative effects on them,” Sun said. (ANI)

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