Cats and dogs living together on Gandhian land in Gujarat

July 25th, 2008 - 9:11 pm ICT by ANI  

By Divyesh Vayedu

Porbandar (Gujarat), July 25 (ANI): The age-old enmity between cats and dogs is quite well-known. But in an unusual case in Gujarat’’s Vaadi area, three dogs and two cats showcase a unique bond of friendship by living together with love.

The five live together as a family in the State’’s Porbandar district.

“Many a times I have read books that say dogs and cats can never stay together in harmony as dogs always crave for gobbling up the cats. But here in a Vaadi near Dharmapur, I heard about dogs and cats staying together. I visited the place myself to check out and found all of them actually eating from the same plate,” said Milan Mota, a visitor to Dharmapur.

The house, where these cats and dogs reside, has almost become a sort of tourist attraction. People from far and near today usually come over to have a look at the unique family and the unusual friendship shared in it.

“I visit this place often with my friends. At first, I actually could not believe on what I saw here. I believe it is the influence of Gandhiji’’s land where these sworn enemies are staying together. This should be a moral for us human beings, as we have come towards such a condition that we are ready to fight and kill each other with no good reason. At least these animals can teach us the prospect of brotherhood. If they can stay together, why can”t we?” said Daksh Motwadia, another visitor.

Though this type of friendship looks extraordinary and remarkable, according to the medical sciences if birds and animals are made to stay together by birth, they get close to each other without bothering or being aware of their inherent enmity.

Mahatma Gandhi is known to have once said: It is strange how man finds time to hate whereas the life itself is too short to love. (ANI)

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