Brit blokes more comfortable ironing their clothes than fixing cars

May 29th, 2008 - 4:46 pm ICT by admin  

Washington, May 29 (ANI): It seems that British men are becoming less and less masculine with each passing day.

A new study has shown that young Brit blokes are more comfortable ironing their clothes than getting under a car bonnet.

The study by Brylcreem revealed that men aged 18 to 29 are very happy getting the creases out of their shirts but just one in 10 are able to maintain a car.

It also found that three-quarters of young men wear an apron in the kitchen on a regular basis and 85 percent are comfortable crying in front of other people.

On the contrary, just 27 percent of older blokes, who grew up in wartime Britain, said they were confident in the kitchen in their youth, with only half admitting to blubbing in public.

The study, which also focussed on young British womens views on men, discovered that two-thirds of girls aged 18 to 29 complained that men today were not as masculine as they were in previous decades.

And 60 percent said that they would prefer a man to take control in their relationship.

A blokes masculinity used to come effortlessly and his place in the world was clear cut, the Daily Star quoted James Brown, founding editor of mens magazine Loaded, as saying.

Nowadays, women are confident and men are confused, he added.

He said the Brylcreem poll proved that modern males have not only changed with the times, but have committed outright gender surrender.

Theres no need for men to head back to the cave, but its clear from the research that a more defined identity needs to be established, Brown said. (ANI)

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