Biggest drawing in the world exposed as hoax

May 28th, 2008 - 1:31 pm ICT by admin  

London, May 28 (ANI): A Swedish art student who claimed to have created the “biggest drawing in the world” using a GPS device and an international package delivery service has been exposed as a hoaxer.

Erik Nordenankar allegedly created his self-portrait, which straddles the entire globe, by tracing the route taken by the specially-primed case on its 55-day journey around the world.

He originally stated on his Web site that he had given DHL specific travel instructions on the route that the briefcase should take to yield the drawing.

After the package allegedly traveled over 6 continents and 62 countries, it was returned to him in Stockholm, Sweden, where he downloaded the GPS coordinates that were recorded by the device to his computer to generate the image.

However, many visitors to the site pointed out that the route described in the drawing was unlikely to be followed by DHL pilots.

Others noted that many of the package’s mid-route stops appear to be in the middle of the ocean.

“[He] could have at least centered the drawing over the land areas, so it would be more believable that DHL had made stops there, as opposed to a DHL plane making loop-the-loops out over the Atlantic,” the Telegraph quoted a reader called Shinanigans, as writing on the Neatorama blog.

Following this, DHL confirmed that the artwork was an “entirely fictional project”.

A spokeswoman said they had allowed him to film in their Stockholm warehouse as part of a college project, on the understanding that the work went no further than his art school. The GPS package was never sent around the world.

DHL now intends to contact Nordenankar to get him to clarify the origins of his work on his website.

As “evidence” of his achievement he had posted the picture, delivery instructions, two photos of his GPS suitcase and a photo of a wad of DHL delivery notes.

His Web site also included two YouTube videos purporting to show the briefcase during its journey and delivery receipts for the package during its circumnavigation of the globe. (ANI)

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