What does Googleganger mean?

November 18th, 2008 - 2:04 pm ICT by Bupha Ravirot  

Googleganger is not a straight forward English word, it is made up and can not be found in general dictionaries.

Researching one’s own name on Google or other search engines has created a new phenomenon known as a Googleganger. A Googleganger is one or more persons who have identical names and who all appear in a list of GOOGLE search results.

Regarding wisegeek.com “Googleganger” may have adopted from doppleganger which came from German word “double-goer” , suggesting a physical twin or an eerie similarity in appearance or identity.

The fun part of googleganger is that when you search for your name, Googleganger is discovering someone else who has the same name as yours but profile popped up is different. It is exciting to discover how different two or more people with identical names can be. However this might lead to temptation to contact a Googleganger, who shares your name or surname whenever possible.

But if we look at negative side about googleganger search, you might have your name twins who is connected with criminal behavior or illegal acts. There may even be some identity issues with a Googleganger’s name becoming confused with the searcher’s own identification. Suppose a person receives an unsolicited call from law enforcement officers, it may be the result of a Googleganger’s bad acts.

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