Study: Reason found for the Honey Bee Colony collapse syndrome

October 9th, 2010 - 12:57 am ICT by Aishwarya Bhatt  

Scientists say they may have found the reason for the colony collapse syndrome.

Scientists in the United States have been left confounded with the mystery of honeybee colony collapse syndrome for some years.

However a group of military scientists and entomologists in the United States say a fungus tag with a virus might be the reason behind the mystery that has seen up to 40 percent of the country’s honeybee colonies affected.

It was initially suspected that pesticides and genetically modified foods may be the reason for the syndrome. The finding was published in the online science journal PLoS One.

Scientists say how the fungus and the virus combine to kill the bees remain a mystery and that is what they will try to ascertain in the next round of study that they intend to carry out. The scientists are however sure that the fungus and the virus are responsible for the mystery killings of the bees.

The honeybee contributes immensely to the growth of the United States economy. They are responsible for the pollination of several crops and decrease in their numbers was a major headache for the United States scientists.

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