Starchild Skull: marking the existence of Alien

April 2nd, 2009 - 7:16 pm ICT by GD  

The enigmatic Starchild Skull has ignited the issue of Alien presence all over again. The skull was found back in 1930s in Mexico, almost 100 miles southwest of Chihuahua near a mine tunnel. According to the test done, it was revealed that the skull belonged to a child who died 900 years back, and had a human mother but was begat by an unknown species.

There were comparative studies done on the skull and scientists came up with some interesting facts. Compared to the normal human eye sockets having a dug in conical shape, the child’s skull showed shallow scalloped shape. Moreover both the eye socket’ inner surface have an extremely delicate terrain shifts that way beyond the conventional genetic design.

The famous American researcher and writer Lloyd Pye, believes this Starchild to be an alien hybrid. He has performed a series of tests that included X-Rays, radiocarbon dating, DNA tests, bone scans and many more, to prove that the skull is extraterrestrial.

To confirm the presence of alien gene within the skull, it was examined by 11 different specialists. The entire team of specialists concluded that the morphology of the skull is highly unusual and unique which they have never seen in their 40 years of experience. The skull which was earlier considered as a scientific skepticism is gradually paving a new path for the scientific community.

The results put before by Pye’s team in regard to Starchild skull confirms several abnormal aspects of the skull. The team eventually discovered a bone profile which the scientific community has never encountered before.

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