Poo-powered car Bio-Bug hits the roads

August 8th, 2010 - 9:23 pm ICT by Aishwarya Bhatt  

dung_vw_beetle Bristol, Aug 8 (THAINDIAN NEWS) Car users in the future can bid goodbye to the spiraling petrol prices, as a recycling company in Bristol has come to their rescue.

The Bristol-based company has successfully managed to modify a Volkswagen Beetle to run on poo. Yeah it does sound surprising, but it is true nevertheless. And the modified car is being called the ‘Bio-Bug’. It basically manages to run on the roads because of the methane gas that is produced when the human waste is treated in the sewage treatment plants.

According to reports, the human waste generated by just 70 homes in Bristol is enough to run the car on the road for over a year. The Bio-Bug’s developer said that the car doesn’t show any variation in its performance on the roads and it feels just like the standard Beetle on the roads. The developer of the car – GENeco said in a release that the car typically uses the compressed natural gas (CNG) to power it. And this is not a new technology. In fact quite a high number of public transport vehicles in India run on the same technology and use CNG to scale the miles on the road.

“Our site at Avonmouth has been producing biogas for many years which we use to generate electricity to power the site and export to the National Grid. With the surplus gas we had available we wanted to put it to good use in a sustainable and efficient way”, according to Mohammed Saddiq, who is the GENeco’s General Manager.

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