Our baby is on way to moon: Chandrayaan project director

October 22nd, 2008 - 12:07 pm ICT by IANS  

ISROSriharikota (Andhra Pradesh), Oct 22 (IANS) Some were eloquent, others struggled for words and yet others preferred one liners to describe the success of their years of hard work as the Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft soared into skies Wednesday morning making India a member of the elite club of countries probing the moon.”It’s a historic moment,” said Indian Space Research Organisation chairman G. Madhavan Nair.

“Our baby is on way to the moon,” said Chandrayaan project director Mylswamy Annadurai.

“Words don’t come,” said George Koshy, director of ISRO Space Application Centre, Ahmedabad.

Here are the quotes from top ISRO scientists after the spacecraft was placed in its orbit, a little over 18 minutes after a “perfect, textbook, beautiful” launch from this spaceport off the Andhra Pradesh coast, 80 km from Tamil Nadu capital Chennai.

Madhavan Nair: “It is a historic moment. We have begun our journey to the moon. It has been a remarkable performance by the launch vehicle (PSLV C11), which was perfectly launched.

“Every parameter of the mission performed as per the dot board. The spacecraft (1,380 kg) has been given sufficient velocity and altitude. It has been left at the right direction. Now it is orbiting the earth with precision around 23,000 km apogee (farthest point from earth) and 256 km at the perigree (nearest point from earth).

“We will be using subsequently the spacecraft engine for raising the orbit to the lunar height of about 384,000 km.

“Today, what we have chartered is a remarkable journey for the Indian spacecraft to go to the moon and try to unravel the mysteries of the earth’s closest celestial body and its natural satellite.

“I take this opportunity to congratulate every one of you who have contributed to this great success. In fact, we have been fighting against all odds in the last four days.

“There were heavy rains and thunderstorms but fortunately, we have a clear sky. No lightning exercise and we have achieved what we wanted in the first day of the journey.

“We will be completing the remaining part of the journey in about 15 days and our teams are well equipped and practised to implement from the Deep Space Network at Bylalu near Bangalore (about 40 km) and telemetry, tracking and command network (Istrac) in Bangalore.”

M. Annadurai, project director of Chandrayaan-1, Sriharikota: “Our baby is on its way to the moon. It will reach its destination in the next 15 days.”

K. Radhakrishnan, director of Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, Thiruvananthapuram: “The successful launch of the Chandrayaan mission is a tribute to the visionaries who laid the foundation for this organisation, built the team ISRO and envisioned the mission.

“Today is a beginning of a new era. We could not have asked for more.”

George Koshy, director of ISRO space applications centre, Ahmedabad: “Words don’t come. We have been working continuously for all these days with nature giving necessary break whenever we wanted. I have also seen the moon coming in between and peeping at us to see how we are working.

“Besides ISRO teams, industries and institutions have all contributed to the success of the mission.”

T.A. Alex, director of ISRO satellite centre, Bangalore: “We got the reward for all the hard work. We have made the finest satellite (Chandrayaan), which is (in) orbit. We assure you that the spacecraft will go (to) the moon in a few days.”

M.Y.S. Prasad, associate director, Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota: “The first phase of this big mission is completed. We hand over the phase two of the mission to the next team - DSN and Istrac.”

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