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August 4th, 2008 - 8:02 pm ICT by David M N James  

If the web is gone gang-ho about sex, then is the worst case of this craze. You will be fascinated to see catchy and sexy titles like ‘hot to get sexier’ on the web but its more private and more overt at On todays tour across the site the lead features and captions start with weird topics like ‘army wives’ and the most appalling is ‘Ho to look good when naked. And says “Get a sneak peek at the next new episode featuring Shannon, a new mom who needs a new attitude about her body image” Maybe, privately, this is what people with image problems need to regain autonomy and their ego.

Most interesting is the coverage of J-Lo, the music icon and the woman who was famed a belle with a beautiful behind. There is a feature on a rock band Cold-play. is allowing visitors to the site to enter to win a weeklong getaway where you’ll have VIP access to one of Cold-plays concert. Is this not really interesting?

This combination of overt sexual stuff and sudden rock concert giveaways is a surely brainstorming venture.

And to make it more elastic to entertainment news the site is featuring the story of the Texas cheerleader scandal. This is the true story of the boozing, bikinis and bullying of five cheerleaders. According to, this is about real-life “Mean Girls” who controlled the lives of their fellow students, while the school’s principal (Tatum O’Neal), the mother of one of the “fab five,” looked the other way. It wasn’t until the girls turned their bullying tactics toward their new cheerleading coach Emma Carr who went public with girls’ outrageous behavior and demanded that the girls and the principal were held accountable for all the emotional damage they had caused. This is what you get at my life time. Its hot and hilarious as well as utterly entertaining.

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