Man-made UFOs may be tomorrow’s urban war zone surveillance aircraft

November 14th, 2007 - 2:12 am ICT by admin  
The UFOs would also possess features that aid in search and rescue missions in disaster areas, inspecting crops and pipelines, and taking aerial photographs.

“You can take it down to a foot in diameter and we are told it is fully scaleable up to a large-sized craft,” said David Steel, director of GFS Projects in Peterborough, England.

“GFS” stands for Geoff’s Flying Saucer, after Geoff Hatton, the engineer and inventor who originally conceived of the idea.

Air flaps around the edge of the saucer prevent it from spinning like a top and allow the controller to steer it.

According to Steel, the saucer is more stable and easier to fly than a helicopter and because it has fewer moving parts than a helicopter, it’s easier to build and maintain.

Fuel efficiency, however, could be an issue, and the reason is that the fan is relatively small and in a confined space and needs to produce high volumes of air.

The batteries don’t last long because the amount of power you convert into thrust is not so great because the efficiency is low.

The U.S. Department of Defence has its eye on the saucer and earlier this year awarded GFS with a contract to demonstrate that the craft could hover and manoeuvre. In fact, the flying saucer did both, flying in winds of more than 10 mph.

This past September, the U.K. Ministry of Defence selected GFS as one of six teams to compete in the Grand Challenge Program, a competition next July for autonomous vehicles.

The saucer will be equipped with cameras and infrared technology to find hidden threats along a designated course. (ANI)

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