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Susie King says that her agency Platonicpartners.co.uk will help find mates for adults who are seeking “celibate, platonic, non-physical or partly physical relationships”.

She decided to set up the forum after a close friend of hers attempted suicide because of his sexual impotence.

She has revealed that her friend did not want a future without a loving relationship.

Even when Susie worked as a life coach, she came across many clients who did not want to have sex any more but still sought love and affection.

“I started to do some research into how many people might be in the same boat and the figures suggested it could be as many as five million at any one time,” Timesonline quoted her as saying.

Platonicpartners, which was launched in June, had over 27,000 hits in the first three months. The website currently has 400 members.

According to Susie, celibacy is far more common than it has always been considered, but there is hardly any place where people may visit for a non-physical relationship.

“Our society is so inundated with sexual images, people feel bad and suffer if they don’t want it. I wanted them to know they are not alone,” she said.

The website’s membership is almost equally divided between men and women. Some suffer from medical conditions that rule out sex-men with heart disease or prostate cancer, or women with postmenopausal conditions, whereas others who are not very interested in sex anymore.

The website also has a traffic-light system that warns its members how far prospective partners are willing to go about sex-red colour means no physical contact; amber indicates that kissing, cuddling and maybe light petting is acceptable; and green suggests they will try as much as they are capable of.

Susie says that she has been careful that sexual predators and deviants do not misuse the website, and that she screens all applications and messages.

“I go through all the applications myself and if I have any doubts at all I contact them under the pretext of checking some small fact or other to see if they are legitimate,” she said.

Christine Lacy of Relate, the relationship counselling service, says that Susie’s forum is likely to have a considerable demand.

She, however, insists that relationships without sex do not always work.

“I do think it possible to have an intimate relationship without sex. There are numerous cases where both members of a couple are happy to give up sex,” she said.

“Other cases involve one member of the couple no longer wanting to have sex and the other saying that they will stay with them. However, that can make relationships vulnerable,” she added. (ANI)

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