Japanese scientists make ‘musical roads’

November 14th, 2007 - 2:21 pm ICT by admin  

London, November 14 (ANI): Scientists from the Hokkaido Industrial Research Institute in Japan have devised a way to convert road noise into sweet music.
Their work is based on the discovery that grooves etched on the surface of the road resound inside vehicles as musical notes.
Measuring the distance between the grooves and their depth enabled the research team to know how they could transmit such musical notes through a vehicle’s wheels to its passenger compartment.
Based on this measurement, roads in three parts of Northern Japan have been cut at precise distance in the asphalt.
These roads have also been marked with bright musical notes to make motorists aware that they are going to have an unusual musical experience, reports the Telegraph.
The researchers conceived the idea of making musical roads after an incident in which a bulldozer driver accidentally dropped his scoop on to a road, and recognised musical notes while driving over the ridges.
People who have experienced driving on the “melody roads” differ in their opinions. While some say that they could sing along with the sound thus produced, some described it as a rumble.
The researchers have revealed that 28mph is the speed at which the musical notes can be heard at best. Increasing or decreasing the speed during the 30-second performance affects the tempo of the sound, they add.
The researchers believe that their discovery may help encourage motorists not to break the speed limit. (ANI)

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