Immense Undersea Volcano Mapped Off Indonesia

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July 17, 2010 (Pen Men at Work): At this moment in time, the American and Indonesian scientists are on a sea-bed voyage off Indonesia. These scientists have unearthed a soaring volcano. The volcano ascends 10,000 feet from the sea bed. However, it stays distant from sight at the water’s surface.

These scientific investigators are presently exploring the terrain off the Sulawesi Island in Indonesia. They possess the hope of attaining a peep into the multifarious and concealed marine bionetworks there. These investigators are being assisted by an authoritative sonar system and a computerized vehicle with high-definition video.

The scientists have charted 2,400 sq.-miles of sea floor on the Okeanos Explorer since hitting the road in the previous month. The area of 2400 sq miles is on a par with the extent of the American state of Delaware. This data is in keeping with a news release from the American embassy in Jakarta.

Jim Holden happens to be the chief American scientist for the initial leg of the combined voyage in Indonesia. He has asserted that they have detected one massive undersea volcano that ascends in excess of 10,000 feet in water 18,000-feet-deep. This volcano is loftier than all but three or four peaks in Indonesia.

The scientific investigators desire that the maps and video generated from their sea-bed voyage will establish an excellent foundation for the others, who desire to follow up on their opening conclusions.

These scientists have been functioning on a fresh form of scrutinizing the ocean floor via telepresence. Most of the scientists function from the shore.

Holden and other scientists located at the Exploration Command Centers (ECC) in Jakarta and Seattle happen to be linked to the Okeanos Explorer live by means of satellite and speedy Internet passageways. The scientists at the ECC can work together with the shipboard employees to steer the voyage.

Holden is also the occupant of the post of microbiologist at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. Holden has asserted that they need to comprehend additional data about these underwater features and the societies of life they sustain. This extra information will enable them to administer and shelter the oceanic assets in a more efficient manner.

Sugiarta Wirasantosa happens to be the principal Indonesian scientist for the abovementioned voyage. He has maintained that the research could have a say in defending ecological units that assist fisheries. The voyage winds up on August 14.

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