Humans And Whales Linked By Their “Grandmothers”

July 4th, 2010 - 7:15 pm ICT by GD  

By Ranjan Bhaduri
012Exeter, UK, July 4, (THAINDIAN NEWS) Recent researches by the scientists have proved how human beings and whales are linked to one another by their grandmothers. The scientists are of the opinion that both humans as well as the Orca whales have their grandmothers who are said to develop close bonding with the infants soon after they are born just like humans.

The theory popularly known as “grandmother hypothesis” first came into existence in the year of 1950. According to the theory, while in Menopause a female’s fertility comes to an end much ahead of her lifespan. This has actually proved to be beneficial for the new born babes who receive better care from their grandmothers. Dr Michael Cant of University of Exeter who was one of the primary researchers along with his colleague Rufus Johnstone explained the theory on a broader term. The professor said that earlier to this a similar observation was performed for gorillas and female chimpanzees who also witness menopause.

However the results weren’t that inspiring. Following that, both Rufus Johnstone and Dr. Michael Cant had developed “kinship dynamics”; a mathematical model which helped them to study the behavioristic patterns of the female Orca whales. In due course of the research study, they found how these female whales gets intimately attached to their young ones when the Orca’s witness their meno-pause.

This led them to believe that there is an “underlying similarity” between the whales and the apes which stays concealed behind the mask of the social structure. It was also said that this very behavior model shall help to identify why among all other animals only toothed whales behaves similar to human beings.

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