“Giant Cosmic Crash” gives clue to mystery of the universe!

December 27th, 2008 - 11:42 am ICT by Bupha Ravirot  

Giant Cosmic Crash
Scientists are now paying attention to a spectacular intergalactic collision which is called “giant cosmic car crash“, it appears to be blue and pink area as captured by powerful telescopes show a snapshot of galaxy clusters smashing into one another.

A group of scientists say this spectacular intergalactic collision reveals new clues about the existence of ‘dark matter’, the framework to life and they will keep on investigating as it is one of the mysteries of the universe. They stated that although the dark matter is invisible to the naked eye, but it provides a vital “scaffolding” for the universe.

The pink area indicates ordinary matter - mostly hot gas - and the blue area is believed to show the presence of dark matter.This cluster is believed to made up of hundreds of galaxies, and is about half way across the universe - 5.7 billion light years away and it happened about 100 million years ago.

After the Big Bang, experts believe the gravitational force of this huge quantity of dark matter formed a framework for planets, stars, galaxies, thus shaping the cosmos.

According to an astronomer from the University of Edinburgh, Richard Massey, this new clues are a step forward in researching the make-up of the universe.

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