Evidence Of life On Mars Creates Sensation Among Scientists

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By Ranjan Bhaduri
Evidence of life on MarsMay 1, (THAINDIAN NEWS) The latest buzz about the evidence of life on Mars has been boosted by the reports published by a section of the scientists of NASA. A special space mission to the red planet has revealed that it has pond scum which is considered as life’s building block. The NASA experts have unveiled the latest findings of Opportunity and Spirit probes. According to the researchers, the results are kind of inspiring and the agency has plans for several more space missions to find out if life exists on the neighboring planet at all. The possibility of the existence of life on the other planets has long eluded the scientists and opinions vary on the issue.

The recent missions to the mars have produce evidence that the planet has sulfates which means there could be water in it. The existence of a type of sulfate known as gypsum has made the NASA scientists most excited. It is a substance that is also seen in Mediterranean fossils. J. William Schopf, a professor of the University of California has stressed that the finding of gypsum is a strong indication about the possibility of life on the planet.

The professor said in his speech at a conference that if the animal and plant fossils trapped in gypsum can survive the ordeals of time in Earth there is no reason the same thing cannot happen in another planet. The northern polar area of Mars reportedly has gypsum dunes. Two space vehicles named Spirit and Opportunity landed on the surface of the mars in 2004 and the data and picture sent by the have prompted the NASA scientists to plan more such missions in future.

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