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September 2nd, 2008 - 2:26 pm ICT by admin  

Google Chrome logo Yesterday Google announced in an official blogpost that it would be launching its own web browser called Chrome which would be available for download today (Sept 2, 2008).

Would this be yet another web browser? or will it change the world? Only time will tell.

Since the Chrome is not yet available for download, you can see this excellent commic book by Google explaining about Chrome.

Web browsers are programmes that allow computer users to navigate the internet. If Chrome is well-received, Google - which is already the top earner from online advertising and also offers programmes and services from e-mail to office software to virtually the entire globe - would further solidify its position in the industry.

For the last few years, Mozilla’s open-source browser Firefox has been eating into Microsoft’s Internet Explorer’s market share. It is not yet clear how Google’s Chrome will effect the equation. Will it tap into the ‘advanced users’ who are mostly Firefox users? or would it really walk the extra mile and target the regular users who are usually on Internet Explorer.

A few years ago, Google used its army of publishers using Adsense to promote Firefox bundled with Google’s toolbar, it is quite likely for Google to use attractive packages for Adsense publishers to promote Chrome.

From the Comic book, Chrome makes uses of multiple processes, where each tab runs on a separate process. Unlike Firefox, if one tab freezes, Chrome can simply close that tab, not affecting the running of other tabs or the browser as a whole.

Anything by Google is usually received with big hype, lets wait and watch, perhaps Chrome can break Firefox’s record of most downloaded software in a single day.

When Chrome gets available for download, it is likely to be available at

Written By : Sajal Kayan

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