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July 29th, 2008 - 9:38 pm ICT by David M N James  

New search engine Cuil made its maiden debut yesterday.

Its operation with really good features that are aimed at making it the new internet big fella to reckon with. It sports a boastful certification “cool,” . search engine is offering great features and interfaces that are not found with Google, Yahoo and others in terms of user privacy and efficiency of content manifestation speed and utillity. Cuil was developed by former Google technicians Anna Patterson and her husband Tom Costello. Ms. Anna Paterson has pointed out that Cuil is surely going to draw crowds and make a significant change in the search engine business. In her statement she said that she reckons Cuil is thrice bigger than Google which ranks as the worlds most used search engine. has tagged about 120 billion web pages and has refused to adopt the big/giant online company tag. Cuil search engine garners some unexpected results. Some searches, like people’s names, failed completely and others were substantially one-sided. My name, for instance, is far removed from the front whereas on Google, it typically places within the first three slots. It has a very user friendly search interface efficient result pages. Deemed to resemble a magazine format, it offers a very ideological and catching machine with an appeal to users in particular. Search results read from left to right and they sport very exotic pictures to accompany the search results. It has very convectional links system and a user friendly tabbed-style browsing to assist in user searching ability. Cuil search Engine was developed and being run by the husband-and-wife team of Stanford professor Tom Costello and former Google search architect Anna Patterson,its manifesting itself as a very competent force to reckon with. It is more detailed than Google and surely is going to get a bigger market-share than Yahoo and Microsoft.

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