Bushmaster Pit Viper, Steer Clear Of This Venomous Creature

December 9th, 2009 - 9:07 pm ICT by GD  

By Ranjan Bhaduri
Bushmaster Pit ViperDec. 09, (THAINDIAN NEWS) There are a number of venomous snakes in the world but few comes close to the menacing nature of Bushmaster Pit Viper. It has a large body and has severely toxic venom that can prove fatal to any animal. Its head has a triangular shape which indicates its deadly nature. These creatures prefer staying in secluded tropical forest regions and rough terrains. in terms of speed, size and power the bushmaster dwarfs many other well known venomous snakes. Central American Bushmaster is highly venomous and faces the threat of extinction due to destruction of their natural habitat by humans.

It is in the places like Equador, Costa Rica and Columbia that these snakes can be located. These snakes tend to live near a water body in the tropical forests. This species can be 12 feet long and its body appears flattened. As a predator it is clever and prefers to wait for an unsuspecting prey. It makes use of heat sensing pits to track down an animal moving nearby. However, in most of the situations it plays the role of the typical ambush predator and waits silently for the prey. They attract both birds and mammals. Pit Vipers can attack any animal they are capable of swallowing. The rodents are also their favorite.

After biting a prey and injecting venom in its blood, the bushmaster waits for sometime. The prey soon loses the ability to move and succumbs to death. After the prey has been killed, the snake approaches it and starts devouring the dead animal.

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