Apple iPhone named coolest gadget of the year

November 14th, 2007 - 2:56 am ICT by admin  
The revolutionary phone is expected to be launched in the market with a price tag of about 330 pounds next month.

“It’s the coolest gadget of the year by a country mile,” the Scotsman quoted the judges from the technology magazine Stuff, who compiled the top ten must-have list, as saying.

According to them, the gesture-sensitive touch screen of this phone is a big step forward in technology.

“It remains the most impressive piece of technology we’ve seen this decade - it really must be seen to be believed,” they said.

Tom Dunsmore, the magazine’s editor-in-chief, has revealed that the gadgets have been chosen on the basis of their “stand-out” quality rather than sales success, functionality or value for money.

“Gadgets are getting more stylish and more desirable every year. This year’s list is packed with must-have Christmas gifts so beautifully designed and such a joy to use that they’ll appeal to technophobes as well as gadget- lovers,” he said.

The Leica M8 camera was second on the list, and was described by the judging panel as “a 20th-century classic with a 21st-century makeover”.

IPod-style gadget Tonium Pacemaker, which enables DJs to mix music without turntables, was named the third coolest gadget, and tiny Sony Vaio UX1 PC came in fourth.

Wrapping up the top five was the smash-hit Nintendo Wii games console, which allows realistic games of sports like tennis to be played out on screen.

Nick Clayton, the Scotsman Magazine technology writer, said the iPhone deserved to top the list as it was revolutionary, while the others were mostly developments of previous technology.

“They also share the expense factor - these aren’t really gadgets for the masses, with the exception of the iPod Nano and the Wii. But one thing they all have in common is that they are relatively easy to use and would look good in your living room,” he said.

“And a large proportion of them would be as popular with women as with men, which is an increasing trend,” he added.

Clayton proclaimed the iPod Nano “a classic example” where the market was at least as big with women as with men.

“Similarly, with the Wii, a lot of games are equally suitable for men and women,” he said.

He also revealed that his favourite among the gadgets selected was the Wii as “it’s re- latively cheap, it looks nice, and does what it does very well”.

Stuff magazine’s top ten must-have gadgets list:

1. Apple iPhone

2. Leica M8 camera

3. Tonium Pacemaker

4. Tiny Sony Vaio UX1 PC

5. The smash-hit Nintendo Wii games console

6. Sony Ericcson W880 phone

7. Shanling MC-30 Amp Valve

8. Wattson energy calculator

9. Sony Ericsson MBW Bluetooth watch

10. iPod Nano MP3 player (ANI)

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