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Expert Shares Dramatic Effects of Feng Shui Space Clearing Practices to Improve Energy and Wellness

OCEANSIDE, Calif. - Jan. 2 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Space Clearing expert Christan Hummel says that sometimes clearing away the energetic clutter lingering in one’s house or office can produce major even dramatic improvements in the environment you live in. Drawing on an aspect of feng shui known as space clearing, Hummel describes personal and social examples of how space clearing can remove the hidden clutter that drains energy by blocking the invisible life energy flowing through a living space known in China as “Ch’i” which is the foundation of the science of feng shui.

Cover of Do It Yourself Space Clearing KitAmazing and noteworthy examples of space clearing include:

* In Sonoma, CA, REALTORS(R) commissioned someone to do a space clearing for a property where they were about to loose their listing because they had not sold for so long. One week after the clearing session, it sold for the asking price.

* Two newlyweds in Sweden moved into a new apartment and within a week afterwards began to start bickering. A space clearing session revealed that there had been an ancient Viking battle on the land. After clearing the imprints left from that battle, they were like love birds again.

* One woman who suffered from migraines for years found that she woke up one day symptom free after a space clearing which revealed that she was sleeping on underground earth energies knows as geopathic stress.

* In Idyllwild, CA, a person bought a property where the previous owner had died of an illness in the home. They had a space clearing done, and when the property was reappraised for the loan (only a couple weeks after the first appraisal) the value increased by $36,000 in a mountain community in where the real estate market was sluggish.

* In six cities around the world where small groups have done space clearings of their communities, the crime rate dropped 35%-50% in one month.

Christan can talk about the benefits of personal space clearing

New Year is a time for those resolutions which we have managed to successfully avoid throughout the rest of the year, the new diet, that photo album which needs finishing, and for many of us, tackling that pile of clutter.

According to Christan Hummel, author of the “Do It Yourself Space Clearing Kit” (ISBN-13: 978-0975479308), kicking the clutter habit can not only clean up the visual appearance of your home, but help your health, finances and even relationships.

How you behave when you get home and how you arrange your home and office spaces can make a tremendous difference in the flow of energy. Here are some of her key recommendations on how to clean up clutter and the bad energy where you live based on the principles of the ancient Chinese practice.

According to Hummel, clutter has four main causes:

1. Time: We lead busy lives and lack of time creates jobs left undone and as a result clutter piles up.

Problem: that these piles drain our life energy making it more difficult to tackle the tasks at hand and so a vicious cycle ensues.

ACTION: Baby steps. Hummel suggests you tackle your clutter problem like you would eat an elephant, one bite at a time. Take one hour a day, or even one hour a week, but be dedicated to that hour and devote yourself to tackling the piles of paper, old clothes that need mending or the unfinished jobs which clutter up your office or home.

2. Space: With increasing prices of homes, many of us have found ourselves downsizing and space is an issue. With professional organizers commanding upwards of $50/hour, it behooves us to liberate as much of our space as possible by clearing out the clutter piles.

Problem: the clutter triggers a visual alert in the brain when we see it staring us in the face day after day. Feelings of powerlessness, guilt and anxiety are common results as we try and side step these “to do lists” which call for our attention each time we pass by them.

ACTION: out of sight, out of mind. Free up the space by getting the clutter put away and out of sight until you have the time to deal with it. Having it sit in front of you each day doesn’t make it go away any faster.

Pack up the unnecessary or inactive items and put them in storage, in the garage or out of the common living areas. This frees up those important Ch’i zones and also gets the visual space clear leaving your mind more at peace and you feeling more rested and able to deal with the clutter when the time comes. Remember your one hour a week you committed to?

3. Emotional connection: Sometimes we resist deciding on something because we have emotional connections to the items. The classic example of inheriting your dead relative’s tea cup collection. What to do with them? One can only have so many tea cups anyway, right? But they are precious and you don’t want to let them go. So they sit there for months and years holding the dead energy and the indecision.

Problem: The emotional baggage associated with these items is choking that invisible Ch’i which is their life blood of your home.

ACTION: Do some emotional release work, a closure ceremony, perhaps one in which you feel gratitude, appreciation and love for the person in question, then let their items go. Keep one or two representative items, and give the others to special people, family members, friends, special organizations close to your heart. Let grandma’s cups circulate in the community, not stay locked up in your living room.

4. Unseen causes of clutter: unresolved emotional issues such as financial stress, arguments, prolonged illness, death of a family member are all significant elements in creating blocked or stagnant Ch’i. Like a river, Ch’i flows when healthy, and when blocked becomes stagnant. Clutter, like leaves and debris collecting in a blocked river, collects in these blocked Ch’i paths in the home.

ACTION: Go around the house to places where there have been past traumas or difficulties. Do a cleansing ceremony (sage, or candles work well) and intend that the blockages be cleared from that space. Intentionally bring in something which represents more flowing energy, such as a fountain, chimes, or living things like plants, to bring life energy back into that area.

Christan Hummel is the author of the best selling Do It Yourself Space Clearing Kit.

“This book sings with life force, energy and love. It is at once easy to read, yet contains ancient wisdoms that can change a person’s life. I love this book and the woman who wrote it,” says Denise Linn, author, Creating Sacred Space.

Illustrated workbook includes over 160 pages with:

* exercises on how to transmute the energies of your home
* helpful tips on how to make contact with the spirit of the land
* how to use “energetic Feng Shui” on your home or property
* Feng Shui’s “missing piece”
* and much more.

Christan is a fascinating interview guest and this is a timely topic for the New Year 2008 period and beyond.

Christan Hummel is an experienced media guest who has appeared recently on Sirius Satellite Radio and many other top radio talk shows. Interviews with space clearing expert Christan Hummel available upon request. Review and promotion copies of her book also. Christan is available on short notice for interviews on evenings and weekends from now through January 10th.

Contact Christan Hummel directly at 760-722-5555 email More information:

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