Soniaji is following Indiraji’s footsteps as Raebareli’s MP: Priyanka Gandhi Vadra

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Priyanka Gandhi Vadra is currently campaigning for her mother, Congress President Sonia Gandhi in Raebareli. Addressing people in Barsana, she began by saying “I’d like to apologize to all of you for the delay in my arrival. Thank you for waiting for me in this heat & waiting to hear what I have to say.” Referring to the clouds of dust that her helicopter raked on landing in Barsana she jokingly said “I’d like to also apologize for the dust you had to inhale.”

“You are aware that elections are around the corner. Different political parties have sent their representatives to campaign for them. Your constituency votes on the 30th of April. Sonia Gandhi has sent me to you, so that I can convey a few things. It was in 2004 that you chose Sonia Gandhi and made her your MP. You took this decision to bring about a change in your region, in your lives.” She asked all present, “So has there been a change here? What kind of change has taken place here” When people said that development had taken place, she agreed and said that development was the change that had taken place. She said that the decision people had taken in 2004, resulted in development. She said that development had actually taken place because people had used their vote correctly. So in turn, it was them who had brought about the change; it was the people who had recognized their strength.

“So it is five years now. You have confirmed that development has taken place. I myself see that development has taken place. Roads have been built. Electric poles have been erected. When I visit villages’ people tell me that they have water. Schools have been built. Programmes to empower women have been started. Factories like ITI which had been shut down, were started & foundation of new factories were laid. A Rail Coach factory has been started in your constituency, which will give employment to at least 10,000 young people. Soniaji had to struggle a lot to start this factory. The state government was not willing to give land for it. Just a day before the foundation stone of the factory was to be laid, the state government cancelled the function. But Soniaji was adamant that development will take place, this factory would be set up, even if she had to go to jail for this. And in the end the people joined Soniaji in this struggle, which pressurized the state government in letting the function take place. Today the foundation has been laid, soon production will start and you all will get employment. Why I’m telling you all this is because you are well aware that development has taken place. “

Enumerating the work done by her party Priyanka Gandhi said that canals have been cleaned & a bridge over the Ganges has been built. She asked people to vote for Soniaji who visited them, was aware of their problems of their pain & struggled for them. “She does so because she knows how hard your life is, how you have to face so many difficulties, and with the amount of guts you face these problems. She has not done all this to become a big leader, to become the PM to gain a post. She has done so because she sees herself as your worker.”

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra added, “You knew Indiraji. She was your MP. It was during her time that Raebareli became known. It developed very fast. Soniaji has learnt about the Indian traditions & customs from Indiraji. Indiraji was like a mother to Soniaji. So if this was Karm Bhoomi (workplace) for Indiraji, it became a Pavitra Bhoomi ( pure land ) for Soniaji. It is her religion her duty to take care of Raebareli, to serve all of you. She became your MP with these thoughts in her mind. “

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra concluded her speech by asking everybody to come out & vote on the 30th of April.

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