Rola Dashti: First woman Parliamentarian of Kuwait

May 18th, 2009 - 3:08 am ICT by GD  

Everything and everyone has their share of firsts and their lasts. This year witnessed Kuwait, one of the most conservative states in the Gulf, electing its first set of female lawmakers.

The 16th of May, this Saturday, was the day of the general election in which four women won parliamentary seats. During the revelation of the preliminary results released on Sunday, the names of two women out of the four who had been successful in winning the parliamentary seats were announced. The two women were Aseel al-Awadh, who is a university instructor and Rola Dashti, who is an economist.

Rola Dashti, being an economist has worked with several organizations as an economic consultant in the past. Currently she is the chairperson of the Kuwait Economists Society.

During her campaign, the fourth constituency candidate, Rola Dashti had urged her fellow countrymen and women not vote for their individual tribes or sects but for their country, stressing that the power to change for the better is held in a united voice. She said, “Let us try to vote for Kuwait this time; Kuwait is our only protection and our only future, nothing else.”

Dashti voiced out the problems that had besieged Kuwait in the past and still persists in the present times also. She did not shirk away from pointing at the low standards of health care in the country, the lack of proper educational infrastructure, the limited incomes of the Kuwaiti families and and most importantly the lack of social rights for women.

Well now, that she has been elected for the parliament, we hope she will work diligently for the betterment of her people.

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