President Obama Kills Fly

June 17th, 2009 - 10:14 pm ICT by GD  

Obama The fate of those who traverse the path of the most powerful man in the world is always altered in a very momentous way. The truth of which was discovered by a fly on Thursday afternoon, before it was on its way to its heavenly abode.

President Barack Obama proved a worthy nemesis to the pesky, persistent fly that went on pestering him during his interview on CNBC with John Harwood. He had all the instincts of a warrior, the patience for the moment to pounce on the kill. Also, his hand eye coordination deserved to be applauded. The way his hand acutely pounced on the fly, without losing it from his line of vision proves his skill beyond anything. Which is what he did on the occasion.

He patiently waited for the nagging fly to finally land on his hand and then, with a swift, Jedi like strike, he killed his enemy. The rolling cameras had a field day recording this priceless scoop, catching the President of America in such an act. After slapping down on his victim, President Obama exclaimed ecstatically,”I got it! I got the sucker”. He also said, after his success, “That was pretty impressive, wasn’t it?” It was during the break that the amusing incident took place, after the president got interrupted a lot of time by the buzzing fly.

President Obama was on the interview to talk on Wall Street, health care and the reforms regarding the financial industry that has been proposed by him. However, the most entertaining part of the whole interview segment was the ‘fly-Obama’ incident.

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